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The Green Marketing Toolkit with Welsh examples is now available. This document collects the experiences of a number of companies in marketing and communicating their green credentials, usually with small budgets and tentatively, to see what impact it will have. We aimed to capture what small firms can do when they get inventive and share their passion for sustainability.

All too often we have found that companies are scared of telling customers about their sustainability work, thinking it will be seen as greenwashing. This report provides many easy to follow examples to show there are opportunities for every company, regardless of their size or practices, to engage its customers.

DOWNLOAD THE WALES REPORT commissioned by VisitWales

DOWNLOAD THE ENGLAND VERSION the original 2010 report commissioned by VisitEngland and its Regional Tourism Partners


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The fragmentation of supply adds to the marketing costs of each individual supplier. Destination partnerships to jointly market attractions the most common- and necessary. The Mekong Private Sector Development Facility, part of the International Finance Corporation- World Bank Group  has produced a campaign to encourage longer stay in the typical touring destinations in the Mekong which to date has proven very successful (more…)

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